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com::jgoodies::animation::tutorial::panel::HorizontalBarsExample Class Reference

Inherits com::jgoodies::binding::beans::Model.

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Detailed Description

Demonstrates the features of the HorizontalBarsPanel. Consists of a preview panel that displays a BasicTextLabel as center component of a HorizontalBarPanel.

Karsten Lentzsch

Definition at line 62 of file HorizontalBarsExample.java.

Public Member Functions

JComponent buildPreviewPanel ()
JComponent buildToolsPanel ()
int getDuration ()
void setDuration (int newDuration)

Static Public Member Functions

static void main (String[] args)

Private Member Functions

void addSlider (PanelBuilder builder, int row, String title, JSlider slider, String leftText, String rightText)
JComponent buildAnimationsPanel ()
JComponent buildButtonBar ()
JComponent buildPanel ()
JComponent buildPropertiesPanel ()
Animation createAnimation ()
void initComponents ()

Private Attributes

Action animateAction
int duration
JComponent durationField
JSlider fractionSlider
HorizontalBarsPanel horizontalBarsPanel
JComponent textField
BasicTextLabel textLabel

Static Private Attributes

static final String INITIAL_TEXT = "HorizontalBarsPanel"
static final Color JAVAONE_RED = new Color(209, 33, 36)
static final String PROPERTYNAME_DURATION = "duration"


class  AnimateAction
class  MoveBarsAnimation
class  StartStopHandler

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