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com::jgoodies::animation::renderer::GlyphRenderer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::jgoodies::animation::renderer::GlyphRenderer:

com::jgoodies::animation::renderer::AbstractTextRenderer com::jgoodies::animation::AnimationRenderer

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Detailed Description

Renders the glyphs of a string with individual scaling, transform, and color.

Karsten Lentzsch

Definition at line 45 of file GlyphRenderer.java.

Public Member Functions

Color getColor ()
Font getFont ()
HeightMode getHeightMode ()
String getText ()
long getTime ()
 GlyphRenderer (String text, AnimationFunction scaleFunction, AnimationFunction translateFunction, AnimationFunction colorFunction, long glyphDelay)
void render (Graphics2D g2, int width, int height)
void setColor (Color color)
void setFont (Font newFont)
void setHeightMode (HeightMode heightMode)
void setText (String newText)
void setTime (long time)

Protected Member Functions

void ensureValidCache (Graphics2D g2)
float getAdjustedAscent ()
float getAdjustedDescent ()
void invalidateCache ()
boolean isCacheValid ()
void setCacheValid (boolean b)
void validateCache (Graphics2D g2)

Protected Attributes

Shape[] cachedGlyphShapes
GlyphVector cachedGlyphVector
float cachedTextAscent
float cachedTextHeight
float cachedTextWidth
float capitalMAscent = -1f

Private Member Functions

Color colorAt (int glyphIndex)
long relativeTime (int glyphIndex)
float scaleAt (int glyphIndex)

Private Attributes

final AnimationFunction colorFunction
final long glyphDelay
long time

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