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com::jgoodies::animation::components::GlyphLabel Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JComponent.

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Detailed Description

A Swing component that can transform a text's individual glyphs.

Karsten Lentzsch

Definition at line 51 of file GlyphLabel.java.

Public Member Functions

HeightMode getHeightMode ()
String getText ()
long getTime ()
 GlyphLabel (String text, long duration, long glyphDelay, Color baseColor)
 GlyphLabel (String text, long duration, long glyphDelay)
void paintComponent (Graphics g)
void setHeightMode (HeightMode newHeightMode)
void setText (String newText)
void setTime (long newTime)

Static Public Member Functions

static AnimationFunction defaultColorFunction (long duration, Color baseColor)
static AnimationFunction defaultScaleFunction (long duration)

Static Public Attributes

static final String PROPERTYNAME_HEIGHT_MODE = "heightMode"
static final String PROPERTYNAME_TEXT = "text"
static final String PROPERTYNAME_TIME = "time"

Private Attributes

final GlyphRenderer renderer

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