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com::jgoodies::animation::components::AnimatedLabel::AnimatedLabel ( Color  baseColor,
int  fontExtraSize,
String  text,
int  orientation,
int  duration,
int  frames_per_second 
) [inline]

Constructs an AnimatedLabel with the given properties.

baseColor the color used as a basis for the text color
fontExtraSize pixels that are added to the dialog font size
text the initial text to be displayed
orientation the label's orientation
duration the duration of the blend over animation
frames_per_second the blend over animation's frame rate

Definition at line 157 of file AnimatedLabel.java.

References initComponents(), and setTextImmediately().

        this.baseColor   = baseColor;
        this.orientation = orientation;
        this.duration    = duration;
        this.fps         = frames_per_second;
        this.animated    = true;

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