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com::jgoodies::animation::components::AnimatedLabel Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::JPanel.

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Detailed Description

An anti-aliased text label that can animate text changes using a blend over effect.

Note: This is preview code that is not supported. It is more raw than other classes that you have downloaded from JGoodies.com in the past and contains known bugs.

Karsten Lentzsch

Definition at line 59 of file AnimatedLabel.java.

Public Member Functions

 AnimatedLabel (Color baseColor, int fontExtraSize, String text, int orientation, int duration, int frames_per_second)
 AnimatedLabel (Color baseColor, int fontExtraSize, String text, int orientation)
 AnimatedLabel (Color baseColor, int fontExtraSize, String text)
 AnimatedLabel ()
long getDuration ()
Color getForeground ()
synchronized String getText ()
boolean isAnimated ()
void setAnimated (boolean animated)
void setDuration (long newDuration)
void setForeground (Color newForeground)
synchronized void setText (String newText)
void setTextImmediately (String newText)

Static Public Attributes

static final int CENTER = SwingConstants.CENTER
static final Color DEFAULT_BASE_COLOR = new Color(64, 64, 64)
static final int DEFAULT_FONT_EXTRA_SIZE = 8
static final int LEFT = SwingConstants.LEFT
static final String PROPERTYNAME_ANIMATED = "animated"
static final String PROPERTYNAME_DURATION = "duration"
static final String PROPERTYNAME_FOREGROUND = "foreground"
static final String PROPERTYNAME_TEXT = "text"
static final int RIGHT = SwingConstants.RIGHT

Private Member Functions

int anchor ()
Animation animation ()
void build ()
JLabel createBoldLabel (int sizeIncrement, Color aForeground)
Color getTranslucentColor (int alpha)
void initComponents (int fontExtraSize)
void setAlpha (final int foregroundAlpha, final int backgroundAlpha)
void setAlpha0 (int foregroundAlpha, int backgroundAlpha)

Private Attributes

boolean animated
Animation animation
Animator animator
int background = 1
Color baseColor
long duration
int foreground = 0
int fps
JLabel[] labels
int orientation

Static Private Attributes

static final int DEFAULT_ANIMATION_FPS = 30
static final int DEFAULT_DURATION = 300


class  AntiAliasedLabel
class  BlendOverAnimation

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