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com::jgoodies::animation::AnimationFunctions Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class consists only of static methods that construct and operate on AnimationFunctions.

Karsten Lentzsch

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Definition at line 49 of file AnimationFunctions.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static AnimationFunction alphaColor (AnimationFunction f, Color baseColor)
static FloatFunction asFloat (AnimationFunction f)
static AnimationFunction concat (AnimationFunction first, AnimationFunction second)
static AnimationFunction constant (long duration, Object value)
static AnimationFunction discrete (long duration, Object[] values, float[] keyTimes)
static AnimationFunction discrete (long duration, Object[] values)
static AnimationFunction fromBy (long duration, float from, float by)
static AnimationFunction fromTo (long duration, float from, float to)
static AnimationFunction linear (long duration, Object[] values, float[] keyTimes)
static AnimationFunction linear (long duration, Object[] values)
static AnimationFunction linearColors (long duration, Color[] colors, float[] keyTimes)
static AnimationFunction random (int min, int max, float changeProbability)
static AnimationFunction repeat (AnimationFunction f, long repeatTime)
static AnimationFunction reverse (AnimationFunction f)

Static Public Attributes

static final AnimationFunction ONE
static final AnimationFunction ZERO


class  AlphaColorAnimationFunction
class  ColorFunction
class  FloatFunction
class  InterpolatedAnimationFunction
class  RandomAnimationFunction
class  RepeatedAnimationFunction
class  ReversedAnimationFunction
class  SequencedAnimationFunction

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